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Welcome to Land of Nod. The original and official fanlisting for Anime & Manga. You have found the biggest Anime and Manga fan related list ever existing. Why not adding your name to the growing list. The next goal is to become the biggest community of 10.000 fans. Be a part, join today. ^__^


Ten reasons to join us if you love anime & manga.

01. If you love anime & manga, we love you.
02. We are ancient! Online since 2001.
03. We are a legend! With being the biggest & most original fanlisting existing.
04. We are the first anime and manga fanlisting in history.
05. We are the biggest! Counting almost 6.000 members!
06. A few thousand of true members cannot be wrong!
07. We will never disappear, no storm will break us.
08. We are active and up to date, providing you with goodies.
09. You're not alone, having a big community behind you always.
10. We are official and approved by thousands of anime & manga fans!



January 7, 2006
Yay, we cracked the 5.000 mark! Do you think we could manage to grow as big as 10.000 members one day? If you think so, please join as well <3

September 13, 2005
New layout! Version 5.o called halo magic. The layout was finished since a while and actually I planned to add more to the site but my university kills me with work again. However now you can browse all members by country OR member ID! So it's easier to find friends of the same country. There are also new buttons, so if you like, just grab your fave one to link to this fanlisting. Thank you. more?

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