Kintaro Oe is the ultimate daydreamer, current age twenty-five... male. He studied law at Tokyo University, but left the school before graduating although he had completed all of the required courses. Now he considers himself a freer, a person
who specializes in part-time jobs. Kintaro lives his life going from job to job learning new things all while studing life.
Riding along on his trusty bike, we meet Kintaro. He's on his way to his next job; however, before making it to his destination, he gets side tracked into the pavement as a Ferrari blazes down the street. The driver is a well endowed woman, who makes quick work of our Golden Boy, and speeds away.
Recovering, Kintaro, finally makes it to T.N. Software. Noticing that all of the employees are female... he begins to imagine heaven. Heaven or not, he is brought to the CEO of the corporation who is know other than the well endowed woman in the Ferrari. In disgust she sends him to clean the toilet, a common thing we'll see him do throughout the series. It's here were we also see another one of his habits, toilet hugging. O well...
The scene progresses as he almost gets fired and chases the employees around, it aall winds up to a climax when he pulls the plug to a server that held a program which was to be the companies future. It's the first adventure of Golden Boy...
However it clearly outline the point of the series. A 25 year old, learning, travelinng Kintaro, hugging toilets and helping out here and there. Aahh ... just kidding, this guy is just great!!!

Madame President is also known as the first "Goldengirl". She is the head of software programming companyand has many women working. She is around the same age as Kintaro.

Naoko Katsuda is also know as the second Goldengirl. She is about 16 years. Her father is the mayor of her town. She is almost sickening at times because she is one of the biggest firts and teasers i have ever seen in any anime series.

Noriko is also known as the third "Goldengirl". Her family owns a noodle shop and she goes to school during the day and helps with the shop afterwards. I guess that she is a little younger than Kintaro. 

Ayuko Hayamizu  is known as the fourth "goldengirl". She is the head swimming intructor at a swimming school. She also won an olympic medal for swimming. She is around the same age as Kintaro. 

Reiko Tarayama is aslo known as the fifth "Goldengirl". She is about 20 years old and is part of one of the rich family in Japan. She has a..."special firend" known as her" Bimo-baby ". She thinks no man can compare to her "special friend".

Chie is the last (or sixth) Goldengirl. She is a cel painter for an animation studio. She is most likely a little younger than Kintaro. She is one of the "more carring" of the goldengirls.

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