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A fanlisting is a place for all the fans of something particular to come together and build the biggest listing of people all around the world who are fans of that subject.

1. You have to be a fan of the movie Grave of the Fireflies and/or Seita and/or Setsuko.
2. You have to have a valid email.
3. You have to name your country.
4. You do not have to have a site.
5. If you have a site, please link back with a button or textlink.
6. The vaild URL is:
7. No hate, racism or porn sites.

[x] fireflies main page
[x] fireflies images
[x] fireflies reviews
[x] fireflies characters


To become an affiliate, first add one of the buttons to your site and then email me with your favorite 50x50 button and URL.


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